Youth Activities League

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Youth Activities League (YAL) programs are designed to give youth ages seven to seventeen a chance to better themselves and become a positive influence within their community.

The YAL relies on educational, athletic, and other recreational activities to create a bond among law enforcement officers, youth, their parents, and their communities. The YAL program helps build positive attitudes towards law enforcement officers and contributes to the building of self-esteem, self-discipline, and character of youth who participate in our programs.

The YAL is an essential part of the community, encouraging our youth to display great citizenship and build a better future for themselves and their community

Some of the activities offered at the various YAL locations include: Intermural sports, bike safety, cultural education, health education, educational field trips, youth leadership mentoring conferences, summer camp programs, basic literacy training, tutoring assistance,  job preparedness and resume writing, basketball, soccer, hiking, track, youth boxing, life skills, music programs, computer labs, skate parks, and weightlifting.

Snapshots of Youth Activities League