Sheriff’s Youth Foundation

The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation of Los Angeles County is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to support Sheriff’s Youth Programs throughout L. A. County. Our goal is to promote positive relationships between the Foundation and other providers of youth and/or law enforcement services, so as to develop an efficient and effective delivery of community services.

The programs offer Los Angeles County youth a safe, supportive haven where they can interact with positive role models, including law enforcement officers, and receive guidance, factual information, life skills, educational enrichment, physical activities as well as participate in after-school and esteem building activities. The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation collaborates with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Los Angeles County Parks and Recreation, public school districts including individual school, community groups, corporations, businesses, foundations and interested individuals. The Sheriff’s Department provides Deputy Sheriffs to mentor the youth and coordinate, operate, and staff the programs.

The 16 Youth Activities League (YAL) program brings youth, 7 to 17 years of age, under the supervision and care of 34 full-time Deputy Sheriffs, and expands public awareness about the role of law enforcement professional. Part of that role is the reinforcement of the responsible values and attitudes required of successful and productive leaders in the community and professionals in business. The other part is bridging the gap between youth and law enforcement that redefines the interactions and experiences of youth and young adults throughout Los Angeles County to create a community of mutual respect and productive outcomes.

As a Community Based Organization, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation works to develop, promote, and manage youth centers, services, and programs with emphasis on providing youth activities that develop leadership skills, contribute to building good character and self-esteem, formulate a positive view of their own future and become change agents in their community.