YAL Programs

There are many types of programs offered by each each YAL league locations. Click on the program that you are interested in to find out more about where those are offered.


The Academic Program is to nurture kids of all ages to celebrate the joy of learning.

Academic Programs include:

  • Reading Workshops  
  • Afterschool Tutoring 

LIfe Skills

From beauty salons for the girls and barber shops for the boys, to myriad activities to help young adults compete in the world — life skill activities provide life-long tools.

Life Skills Programs include:

  • Beauty Salon – (click to find a league)
  • Barbershop – (click to find a league)
  • Gardening – (click to find a league)
  • Beat the Streets – (click to find a league)
  • Field Trips for Life Skills – (click to find a league)
  • Computer Lab


Music. Painting. Video creation. Creative writing. Acting. You name it — our Deputy Sheriffs, staff and special guests create opportunities that many of the children aren’t able to get in their school programs. And we sure have fun doing it…

Arts Programs include:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Harmony Projects
  • Painting
  • Video Creation
  • Creative Writing
  • Acting


Athletics are an extraordinary conduit to inspire confidence, accountability, social skills — opportunities to create powerful personal relationships with peers and mentors.

Athletic Programs include:

  • Boxing for boys & girls – (click to find a league)
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Karate
  • Wrestling (currently at Century YAL)


The art of giving is a fundamental pillar in our Youth Academies. Field trips and activities create opportunities for kids (and their families) to experience the joy and reward of giving.

Fun and Recreation

Our Sheriffs, Academy Coordinators, and volunteers all believe ‘fun is good.’ We create field trips to ball games, we go on fabulous hikes, we play games in the Youth Academies — all fueling extraordinary relationships between the kids, with our Sheriffs… while building social and life skills.