Sheriff’s Scholars

Every child, every single child has the right to dream.

Every child deserves to know there is a path – and to be afforded the tools to get on that path.

This initiative tangibly helps the most promising, select youth from our Youth Academies –- results will be immediate and meaningful. It will change the lives of these kids, their families, and their communities.

The greatest gift we can give these exceptional youth is the combination of the affirmation, the mentoring, the real-life tools and the money to navigate their way — and fulfill the promise in their lives.

What is a Sheriff’s Scholar?
Sheriff’s Scholars are highly motivated high school students who are members of Youth Activity Leagues in the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation who aspire to attend college.

Students apply in the early spring.  The new class of Sheriff’s Scholars are initiated in the summer.

While there are no absolute requirements for admission, students accepted into the program typically meet the following criteria:

A freshman, sophomore, junior or senior in high school
Aspirations to attend college (Vocational, Community, or University)
They have the desire but not the financial means
Have demonstrated integrity and accountability
Have a will to make a difference in the world

What is the Commitment?
The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation is committed to supporting our Scholars in aligning their career aspirations to their academic pathways to increase their likelihood of success. The Sheriff’s Scholars are provided with the tools needed to compete and succeed in a college environment.

During college, we continue to mentor our Sheriff’s Scholars to nurture opportunities through internships, and to be in a position to springboard into successful careers.

In return, we ask that our students fully commit to our program.

We require that all Scholars:

Conduct themselves in all areas of their lives that align with the intentions and spirit of being a Sheriff’s Scholar
Attend monthly mentoring workshops and events
Participate in regular check-ins with Sheriff’s Youth Foundation’s College Counselors
Submit high school transcripts at the end of each semester
Provide hand-written “Thank You” letters and updates to our donors

What is the Cost?
The entire Sheriff’s Scholar program is free.

What is the Application Process?
Please fill out the application form below.

The application requests the following:

High School transcripts
PSAT/SAT/ACT and SAT Subject Test Scores (if taken)
Personal essay
Recommendation Letter from Deputy Sheriff (and/or YAL Coordinator)
List of Extracurricular activities
The application process is competitive.

Once all applicants are reviewed by our Admissions Committee, a limited number of individuals will be invited for interviews.

The Program:

Selected youth are invited to a Special VIP Luncheon where the Sheriff will award each recipient their scholarship.

At the event, each Sheriff’s Scholar is presented to the audience by his/her YAL Deputy Sheriff, awarded a Sheriff’s Scholar plaque — and celebrated by friends, family and staff.

The Sheriff’s Scholars will meet monthly (often on Saturdays or Sundays during school months), have exclusive meetings with Los Angeles’ leaders in business, educational and political worlds — providing inspiration, counsel and, in some cases, opportunities for internships (and careers).

Sheriff’s Scholars will also individually work with our Community Engagement Specialist who will help them to navigate scholarship opportunities, along with helping each Sheriff’s Scholar in the application process.

Sheriff’s Youth Foundation has partnered with SCS Noonan Scholars (, with Sheriff’s Scholars having the opportunity to apply as candidates for SCS Noonan Scholarships. SCS Noonan Scholars’ mission is to enable high-achieving underrepresented students to graduate from top colleges equipped to achieve their full potential in their chosen career. This is accomplished through a holistic program of supports designed with specific goals in mind.

Sheriff’s Scholars will also be considered for (and afforded) other scholarship awards.