A Message From Sheriff Alex Villanueva


The mission of the Sheriffs Youth Foundation is to provide a safe place where children in some of the most challenging communities can learn and develop life skills that will positively shape their futures.

Together, we have the opportunity to create a pathway to success for an entire generation.

Your contribution supports the early education and mentorship of these children by funding after-school and summer programs –where they’re enriched in educational, art, athletic and life skills programs.

Many of the most dedicated deputy sheriffs (along with a team of extraordinary coaches, counselors and volunteers) provide a secure place where our youth can achieve their dreams. For many, those dreams include graduating from high school and continuing their education through college; thus, making a positive impact on their communities.

Investing in these children now is essential to breaking the cycle of gangs, crime and delinquency in our neighborhoods. Everyday we’re seeing real-life examples of what happens when a young adult is given the confidence to foster respect between law enforcement and the community. This experience aids in reducing crime and is instrumental in a youth’s success. The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation program profoundly impacts every dimension in the trajectory of a young life.

For many families, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation programs serve as a bridge of hope to a better future for their child. For some children, the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation staff and volunteers fulfill the role of a caring “second parent” by providing mentoring, counseling and encouragement. All of the children attending the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation programs will experience benefit of positive relationships with members of the law enforcement community.

The Sheriff’s Youth Foundation supports 16 Youth Activities League (YAL) sites throughout Los Angeles County. These locations annually serve an average of 2,200 youth.

The youth attending the YAL’s will thrive from opportunities of creating memories and friendships that will last a lifetime. These life changing events are made possible because of generous individuals such as yourself.

Please join me in Making a Difference!