Utah Valley University Brings Youth Empowerment To the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation!

Utah Valley University brings youth empowerment to the Sheriff’s Youth Foundation for an alternative spring break! 12 Students from the University of Utah dedicated their time to speak to our youth about their experiences getting into college and the lifestyle that they live now. ┬áThere were over 80 YAL participants combined from Norwalk, East L.A, South L.A, Temple, Century, and Compton. Not only did the UVU students conduct the Youth Empowerment event, they also spent time gardening, painting bathrooms and much more. What an impressive group of students and such an inspiration to us all!

Alternative Break trips take students outside of the Utah Valley area to engage in community projects and learn about social issues such as poverty and homelessness, food insecurity, health, literacy, environmental issues, and many more. Alternative Breaks last 4-6 days for domestic trips and may be longer in length for international trips. These student-led trips immerse students in direct service activities and learning experiences. UVU partners with Break Away, a national 501(c)3 organization that supports the development of quality alternative break programs.