Industry Station

YAL Locations

Sunshine Park
515 Deepmead Avenue
La Puente, CA 91744

San Angelo Park
245 S. San Angelo Avenue
La Puente, CA 91746

Martin Park
14830 E. Giordano Street
La Puente, CA 91744

Bassett Park
510 North Vineland Avenue
La Puente, CA 91746

Rimgrove Park
747 N. Rimgrove Avenue
Valinda, CA 91744

Industry Station
150 N. Hudson Avenue
Industry, CA 91744

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Ricardo Rivera

Jonathan Adamson
Phil Cook
Jeff Domingo

At a Glance
• Programs: Camp Courage, flag football, basketball, baseball, Kendo, Kempo, judo, SHARK, tennis and golf.
• Wish List Includes: A bus and deputy personnel training to receive a Class B license.

Industry YAL a Picture of Diversity and Excellence

What’s happening at the Industry YAL?

A more appropriate question might be, “What’s not?”

Operating at several different park locations, with approximately 1,500 youths participating annually and some 70 volunteers to help make it all happen, the Industry YAL offers a diverse array of programs to serve the needs of a diverse population.

“The volunteers devote countless hours to coach and mentor the kids,” says Deputy Rico Rivera. “They promote hard work, discipline and sportsmanship. Our volunteers understand our mission to keep kids away from gangs, and do well to reaffirm it at every turn.”

They help the cause by offering an assortment of fun and educational programs.

“Our camping and scuba diving programs are unique to YAL/PALs’ programs throughout the country,” Rivera says. “Our greatest value would be the variety of programs we offer, which include educational, athletic, and those that provide job opportunities.”

Rivera says the Industry YAL has built a strong track record of success for the youths who have participated in the program, then gone on to undertake careers of service to community and country.

“We are very proud that many of our YAL alumni have served in the U.S. military with distinction and bravery,” Rivera says, adding that some Industry YAL alumni have also undertaken careers in law enforcement.

“Deputy Megan Kelsey is an Industry YAL alum,” Rivera says. “She is currently assigned to Norwalk Station, where she will soon complete patrol training.”

Others have achieved athletic and academic success as well. For example, Rivera says, Industry YAL alum Donte Smith graduated from the University of Southern California in 2011 after attending the nationally prominent university on a basketball scholarship. “He played a variety of sports with us until he entered high school,” Rivera says.

The Industry YAL benefits from a supportive community board of directors, and has built solid relationships within the diverse community it serves.

“The diversity of this community allows us to deal with families from all races, religions and ethnic backgrounds,” Rivera says. “The kids relate well to the deputy mentors and are willing to trust law enforcement to provide a safe environment for them.”

Youths Inspired to Choose Paths of Service

Xiomara Peraza says the Industry YAL has helped her get through some of the tough times in her life, including her parents’ divorce — and the YAL has helped her make some of life’s biggest decisions, too.

“When I first heard that they were getting divorced, I felt alone,” says Peraza. “I felt like nobody else has gone through what I was going through.”

The YAL helped, and Peraza found that many others had gone through the same things she had endured, too. And, while attending the YAL, she discovered a career path she wishes to pursue.

“All I knew was that I wanted to go to college, but I didn’t know what I wanted to study in,” Peraza says. “After I went into the YAL, I learned that I actually want to become a police officer.”

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