Girls Masquerade Ball Youth Empowerment Event was a Night to Remember!

Girls Masquerade Ball Youth Empowerment Event was a night to remember! Tables seated for 80 were set up and decorated by staff and Norwalk YAL youth. There were 5 different stations for the girls! 1 table to welcome each young lady with a Masquerade Ball mask, 1 table with labeled wine plastic glasses filled with grapes that say, “Masquerade Ball Girls YAL youth Empowerment Sheriff’s Youth Foundation..” as a remembrance. 1 table filled with cake pops, and some sweets for these sweets young ladies, and 1 dinner table with deli sandwiches, salad, macaroni salad and beverages. Also, a board that said, “I AM A WOMAN OF” so these youth ladies can each write what they believe they who they are and want to be.

Participating centers include Norwalk, Lakewood, Temple, South L.A, East L.A, Century, Mona Park and Walnut YAL. The Norwalk Leadership Council welcomed each girl youth with a masquerade mask and grape appetizers to snack on while our guest speakers presented their speeches. We had two female guest speakers; one speaker was a member of the Santa Fe Springs City Council and the other was an Educator at Garfield High School. In between our guest speakers we announced 4 different chances to win a raffle prize which made it more exciting for the girls. Then we ate dinner by 6:30pm, then mingled, took pictures and danced the night away!

Annotated Story:
To see these young woman’s faces while the speakers were speaking were priceless… Both speeches got these young ladies attention says the deputies from our YAL’s centers that they loved the message that the speakers conveyed to our female youth which was no matter where you are from or what color you are you always have choices. The speakers also encourage the teen youths to surround themselves with good friends and work on family values because family and good friend stick together.